Master Data Management

Changing a customer record

It should not have to be done in multiple systems.

Master Data Management is the key to managing your business data.  It ensures you have one complete, accurate, and secure master data file that provides your business with a trusted single source or "Golden Record" of data.

This single source of truth is essential for your data-driven business as it provides the information for your customer experience program, marketing and sales operations, omni-channel retailing, supply chain optimization, governance efforts, compliance initiatives and more.

Types of Master Data Management

Benefits of Master Data Management

Master Data Management provides an organized approach to data as it consolidates all of your different corporate systems together. This consolidation of data increases the value of your analytics and quality of your data and connects information, people and processes to help you meet your business objectives. Without proper Master Data Management important business data can be hidden preventing you from making the right decisions.

Other benefits of Master Data Management include:

  • Eliminate inaccessable silos of master data that exist in different departments or businesses

  • Improve opperational efficiency by aligning organizational and operational data

  • See a complete view of all interactions enabling you to link transactions for a full view of customer behaviour

  • Enhance the customer experience by using insights to drive business performance

  • Ensure data quality, completeness and consistency by removing duplicate or incorrect data

  • Provide regulatory compliance such as GDPR with trusted and secure data

Master Data Management Services

Integrationworx can help you with your MDM projects so your business can establish consistent data across all of its systems. Our services are designed to give you maximum flexibility that suit your needs.

  • Roadmap to get to your vision

  • Toolset Selection and Enabling

  • Integrating with backend and customer facing systems

  • Establishing data quality and data steward processes

  • Enforcing the upkeep into your current systems and processes

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Integrationworx understands that you want to maximize your investments in MDM so that you have accurate data driving your organization's systems and processes. This will help drive value to your business and to your customers. See how we can help you with your Master Data Management strategy and overcome your implementation challenges.

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