Implementation & Managed Services

Spend less time and energy on upkeep.

Spend more time on running the business.

Managing complex applications can be a large draw on your team and other finite resources. Our Managed Services offer to make sure the systems are running, upgrades are completed regularly and you have access to experts knowledgeable about the current versions.

Benefits of Managed Services

Using Managed Services allows your organization to stay focused on the immediate needs of the business while providing round the clock expertise to ensure operational systems are up and running, tuned and growing capacity as needed.

  • Focus your staff on the functions that support the core activities of your organization

  • Fill skill gaps and increase the technical skill level of the people supporting your operations with outsourced domain experts

  • Apply knowledge of best practices to fit your organization's unique needs

  • Increase the capacity of your organization to support and optimize the historic and emerging technology that makes your organization both function and thrive


Integrationworx can  help your organization migrate to the cloud or take on application support of your key systems.  Providing a portion of the solution or working with our key partners to provide a full solution if desired.

  • Migrating your complex data solutions from on-premise to the cloud

  • Required updates and patches to remain current

  • We offer 24x7 monitoring of the applications

  • Provide application expertise to ensure they remain running

  • Ability to add functionality as your business needs change

  • Full solution managed services by working with our infrastructure partners

Integrationworx offers managed services for a selection of data related products

  • Informatica Product 360 Application

  • Informatica Data Integration Platform

  • Informatica Multi-Domain MDM Application

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