Data Integration

Data misbehaving together?

Get control using data integration and information management practices.

Today companies need reliable data to make timely, data-driven decisions to stay ahead of their competitors. However, it is becoming harder to integrate data as the number of sources and feeds increase along with complex data types and increasing volumes of data that grow exponentially.

Benefits of Data Integration

Data-driven organizations have a distinct advantage over firms that do not make decisions using reliable data. Using the data your business collects allows you to have a more holistic view of your organization based on accurate results-based outcomes.

  • Pull data from disparate systems into a cohesive view
  • Bring together different types of data sets to better understand relationships using AI and ML
  • Adapt to changing business landscapes such as data from new company acquisitions and different data sets from entering new markets
  • Reduce the hidden cost of data and systems integration using proven platforms,  technology, automation and process
  • Scale as your needs grow and you require more visibility into your data
  • Integrate on-premise data to cloud, cloud to cloud or hybrid in real-time or batch

Data Integration Services

Integrationworx can help you with your data integration projects so your business can realize the benefits of data integration. Our services are designed to give you maximum flexibility to fit your needs.

  • Roadmap to get to your vision
  • Solution Architecture and Planning
  • Solution Implementation
  • Toolset Selection and Enabling
  • Managed Services (upgrades and maintenance)

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