BI & Predictive Analytics

Turn mountains of data into valuable actionable insights.

Organizations are sitting on mountains of data scattered across various systems. A major challenge for them is to filter through data from each source and piece it together to create sustainable strategies aligned with business initiatives. Predictive technologies aided by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can sift through vast quantities of data to help find new opportunities and confirm dependencies.

Benefits of Analytics

Data-driven organizations have a distinct advantage over those that do not strategically use data to make their decisions. Some of these advantages include:

BI & Predictive Analytics Services

Integrationworx has the knowledge and experience to help you get the most from your Analytics. Our services are designed to give you maximum flexibility to fit your needs.

  • Roadmap to get to your vision
  • Work with your business to identify what/how they need to measure
  • Toolset Selection and Implementation
  • Rapid-Start Proof of Concepts using your data
  • Migrate On-Premise Data Warehouse/Data Lake to Cloud (Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, Snowflake)
  • Establish your Next Gen Analytics Platform (AWS, Google, Microsoft, Snowflake)
  • Extend your Analytics power with Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) capabilities

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