OverSight for Amazon QuickSight

Cloud Services

  • Integration Cloud
  • Cloud Mass Ingestion
  • Cloud Data Quality

Data Integration

  • PowerCenter
  • PowerExchange
  • Enterprise Data Catalog

Data Quality

  • Informatica Data Quality
  • Cloud Data Quality

Data Security

  • Data Masking
  • Test Data Management

Master Data Management

  • Product 360
  • Supplier 360
  • Customer 360
  • Multidomain MDM

Share your Amazon QuickSight dashboards with ease using OverSight.
Group your QuickSight objects into an application.
Deploy a release of your application.

OverSight (OvS) is a management tool to support AWS QuickSight Development Teams. It supports the creation of a structured and repeatable dashboard development lifecycle (DDLC).

Using OverSight, QuickSight Development Teams define applications comprised of groups of QuickSight objects and then create release versions representing snapshots of their applications, throughout their development projects. Teams can choose to deploy Releases of their Applications to one or more QuickSight environments at any time, immediately or in the future.

Applications enable your teams to manage a QuickSight-based solution as a single, cohesive unit making it easier to share their work with others and migrate between development, test, and production environments.

A complimentary OverSight trial is available on the aws marketplace.

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OverSight Features

  1. Quickly move your QuickSight objects between environments such as Development, Test and Production.
  2. Manage your QuickSight solutions as a complete Application to Version, promote and rollback your work.
  3. Copy and move QuickSight objects across your QuickSight accounts, without the use of complicated APIs and JSON structures.

OverSight Options


Our GUI based SaaS solution will get you up and running. It’s easy and you are billed on your monthly AWS account. Get started for free and try it out.

Application Application and Training

Everything from the OverSight Application plus some training to help your Development Team hit the ground running.

Professional Services

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Some situations require complex solutions. Our Professional Services Team can get you across the line and help  mentor your team.

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