Amazon Redshift Packages

Redshift Jumpstart

Designed for customers that are not sure how to get started with with Redshift or Cloud Analytics.


  • 1 Dashboard (reading from Redshift)

  • 2 Data Sources loaded into Redshift

  • Security configuration

  • 4 Training Hours

  • Additional 8 consulting hours

Note: Dashboard can be from any of the following software:

  • PowerBI

  • Tableau

  • Qlik

  • QuickSight

  • Others (if you are using software not listed above, please ask as we can likely accommodate)

Redshift Migration

Designed for customers that are ready to move away from legacy BI/Reporting systems to Cloud Analytics including Redshift.


  • 32 Consulting hours to review and assess your needs for Migration

  • AWS Credits and other funding to help reduce your total cost

Redshift Health Check

Designed for customers already using Redshift that are interested in reviewing and learning about best practices for performance and efficiencies. Our team will quickly conduct an assessment and provide a health check report. 


  • 40 Consulting Hours to conduct and Amazon Redshift Health Check

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