AWS Immersion Days

Our experienced and Certified AWS Consultants can help you make the most of your AWS investment.

AWS Immersion Days

As an AWS Partner, our AWS  Certified Solution Architects and Consultants have designed hands-on, in-depth workshops and labs to give your Technical Teams the practical knowledge and experience needed to leverage the AWS platform and services, allowing you to meet critical objectives and business outcomes. 

We offer the following Immersion Days:

  • QuickSight

  • Amazon Redshift Cloud Data Warehousing

  • Customized to Your Team's Needs

Benefits of AWS Immersion Days

If you are new to AWS or experienced but learning a new product, our AWS Immersion Days will teach you how to utilize its features and train your team on architecture best practices. Your team will examine multiple use cases and gain valuable insights on leveraging AWS in your Business.

Beyond hands-on labs, our team of certified experts can answer the questions you want to know based on our first-hand experience in the field.  Be ready to bring your questions, notes, and concerns to our team for real answers and insight.

Who Are AWS Immersion Days For?

Our attendees include executive sponsors, cloud architects, IT stakeholders, application development teams, cloud engineering teams, development teams, and additional business stakeholders.

Our Immersion Day Approach

Our immersion day approach focuses on your exclusive needs. You select the topics, and we work with you to help you achieve the maximum value for your training dollars. We will customize the course to suit your educational needs. 

Initial Discussion 

Our initial discussion will focus on determining what your team needs to achieve from your training. If you are unsure what kind of training you need because you are new to AWS, don't worry. Our Certified Consultants are great listeners and have the knowledge and experience to help you determine the best training for your team and business outcomes. 

Syllabus Review

After our initial discussion, we will present you with an Immersion Day syllabus to review and approve to ensure we have not missed anything. 

We will provide a welcome package instructing you what to bring and how to prepare for the session. We want you to be ready to dive in.

Virtual Programs 

Our AWS certified experts will conduct the in-depth virtual session based on your selected topics. Get ready to be engaged and enlightened. 

If you prefer, we can also instruct your team on-site.

Real Exercises

We feel that the best learning type is experiential, so we have developed custom exercises for your team to perform in a live AWS environment.

Next Immersion Day: Introduction to AWS Immersion Day


This complimentary Amazon Immersion Day provides your team with technical, hands-on experience using Amazon Web Services.

This technical workshop will provide an introduction to AWS and focus on using:

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
AWS Security Overview
Cloud Storage
Cloud Networking

A hands-on lab environment will be provided so you can reinforce the skills you have learned.


       Date: Thursday, February 15, 2024
       Time: 9 am to 4 pm CST
       Method: LIVE with Trainers
       Location: LIVE Virtual - Access to be provided


Introduction to AWS Cloud
Elastic Compute Cloud - Amazon EC2
AWS Security Overview
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Storage - Amazon S3
Network - Amazon VPC

By registering for this event, your email and name will be used for setting up a demo account for the workshop component of this event.


What is a QuickSight Immersion Day

Provides your team with hands-on experience using QuickSight. Delivered through live interactive presentations and labs.

The workshop will introduce QuickSight authoring, administration and incorporating your machine learning work from SageMaker. 

Benefits of QuickSight Immersion Day

After attending a QuickSight Immersion Day, you will be able to utilize QuickSight to author and create reports, establish appropriate security, create and maintain user access, promote between environments, and incorporate work from SageMaker.

8 hr hands on workshop   |   Complimentary   |   Maximum Students: 15

What is an Amazon RedShift Immersion Day

Provides your team with hands-on experience using Amazon RedShift. Delivered through live interactive presentations and labs.

The workshop will feature an introduction to RedShift, architecture, columnar databases, data modelling, loading data, performance tuning, administration and cloud data warehousing. 

Benefits of Amazon RedShift Immersion Day

After attending a RedShift Immersion Day, you will be able to understand and build solutions using RedShift, including data model design best practices, loading data into your RedShift solution, tuning to improve performance, establishing appropriate security, and creating/maintaining user access.

8 hr hands on workshop   |   Complimentary   |   Maximum Students: 15 

Customized Session to Your Teams Needs

What you need is what you get. Let us know how we can help you better utilize the AWS platform, and we will create a session tailored to your needs.

8 h   |   Complimentary   |   Maximum Students: 15 

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