Data Analysis is in our DNA

The core team at Integrationworx has worked together for over 25 years and have provided data integration and data analysis to many of the top companies in North America. Our difference is our people. We invest heavily in our teams and back them so they can be successful in making your projects a success. We also offer the same internal training and mentoring to your teams so you can grow.

Making data jump through hoops is what our teams do.

Facts about Integrationworx

25+ Years of Data Challenges Solved

North American Coverage

100's of Satisfied Customers

Implementing and Mentoring go Hand in Hand

  • ​​​Employees. Our teams are staff, not sub-contractors. This allows us to invest in our employees with extensive training and upkeep.
  • Team. Core team members have worked closely together for over 25 years. Our philosophy of strong teamwork is present in everything we do and visible to our clients.
  • Business First. We are business-focused rather than technology-focused. We help our customers align solutions to support business strategies. We believe that investment in technology should make business sense.
  • Get it Done. Our staff actively participate in solving the hardest of problems. We are not simply order takers.
  • Share the Knowledge. We pride ourselves in our commitment to teaching others through training and mentoring.


  • Senior Resources focused on Data. Our Senior Consultants average 15+ years of working with data to integrate, understand and make it jump through hoops.
  • Specialized in our Discipline, Diverse in our Skill Set. All of our consultants have range and diversity of skill within solving data challenges such as analysis, integration and design. We provide roles from developer to architects to analysts and strategists. Our team members have a broad skill set allowing them to assume any project role that the client requires.
  • Variety provides fresh perspectives. We work across many industries and have provided unique solutions to tough challenges.
  • Large Scale, Small Scale. We have worked on large multi-year, multi-million dollar enterprise-level projects as well as short, conservative budgets, first-start projects. We know how to adapt and scale our approach & solutions to fit our client's needs.

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